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Dig down to the footing and expose the footing and the existing perforated pipe.

Dig down below the surface of the footing in order to install a new perforated pipe.

Clean the wall and dry wall of moisture with a torch.

Apply a primer in order to install a thick rubber membrane.

Measure up about 32 inches from the footing and strike a caulk line so that you have a guide to apply the rubber membrane. Start installing the rubber membrane.

After the first course of membrane has been applied, strike another caulk line so that there is about a 6 inch overlap for the next course of membrane. The last course is then fused to the wall with a torch.

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The last course of membrane should be high enough so that there is about a 2% pitch away for the wall for water runoff.

After the membrane has been installed, a new 4 inch perforated pipe is connected with the exist pipes at both ends alongside the footing.

Pea gravel is then back filled along the wall up to about 12 inches down form the top of the membrane.

Filter cloth is laid on top of the pea gravel to help insure that dirt won’t filter down into the pea gravel.
Now you can either install topsoil with seed or sod or prep it for a cement walk or patio.

We can keep you "High and Dry".